Mated Queens


If you have a queen in your hive that is lazy or not laying a good pattern, or maybe you want to do a split and you need another queen,  you don’t want just any old queen, you need one of our Minnesota Hygienic Italian mated and verified laying queens.

Minnesota Hygienic Italian Queens’ genetic make up obtains the characteristics most desired by beekeepers. Our bees are gentle and easy to work, they winter over very well, and they exceed expectations in honey production. We put our emphasis on raising quality queens, not large quantities. We verify that each of our queens displays a solid laying pattern before we send her to you.

Our mated queens will get your hives back in tip-top shape quickly!

Our  Policy

All sales are final on queens. No Refunds. No Exceptions. However:

We do guarantee that you will receive live queens. If there is a problem and one of your queens is dead, contact us within 24 hours and we will replace your queen, but we do require you to return the dead queen to us via regular mail, and in the original, unopened cage.

Mated Queens

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